At Bunkford, Liberal Arts, means hanging out at the Cape with a stoned Exeter alum who's now an Art History major, heir to tobacco plantations in Brazil.

Following a long tradition of caucasian male privilege, we've preserved our alma mater, here performed in 1926 by the a cappella group, Bunkforte.
Download the original recording from our gramophonator. (MP3 or WAV)
    It's a long way to Bunkford
    But not if you've got cash.
    No good grades or SAT scores
    Just a Dad who has a stash
        (of Ben Franklins)

    Those Old Boys and Ivy School boys
    Love to press the flesh.
        (a handy handshake)
    But Sarah Bunk, our sister school,
    Will let you press the rest.
        (We love the coeds)

    We love you alma mater
    But your name's all that matters to us.