Bunkford's No-requirements Curriculum is just right for the precocious, underachieving, undisciplined student you are.

Here, famous faculty lend their name to courses, while pot-smoking grad students lead in-class discussions often opting to meet in the Chomsky Commons and to sidetrack into lengthy monologues in their dissertation progress and the loneliness of grad student life.
We pride ourselves on progressively-minded courses that bring into the academy subjects that most people leave to popular media:

    Courses such as:
  • Britney, J-Lo, and Mariah: An Intensive Deconstruction of The Feminine Mystique
  • Elizabeth's Secret: Divine Right and the Bustier
  • Religious Extremism: Cults, Sects, and Nuts
  • Eminem and the modern Villanelle
  • Their Mythological Precursors to Ren and Stimpy.