Ai-kendo (better than you)

The Ancient Art of Passive Aggression

O Mai Gut   Defense
1. Assume the slowchi stance. slow- chi
2. Sumfren attemps a lo-blo. jab
3. Step back and double over in pain, before contact is made.
4. Stay collapsed. Try to appear deeply wounded. slo-rise
5. Complain for years, now and then holding your stomach and saying, "Kidneys ain't what they used to be." 
The Five Fingered Flip-Off

Sometimes an act of agression can be as simple as wave.

O Sensei (great teacher) Tso Tsu Me explained, "With a wave you can give the bird with all five fingers at once."

  1. Assume the slow-chi stance.
  2. Wait for sumfren to say some openly agressive remark, such as:
    How's your kung-fu going? Has it made you a Ra-man yet?
  3. Answer with a short, sharp wave, communicating both "You are so funny" and "I wonder how funny you'd be if I went Ming dynasty on your ass."