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Grand Thieves' Audio    MODOLOGUES

We're tired of stealing cars. So we're stealin' the soundtrack...

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, an earth-shaking game of theft, prostitution, drugs, and beautifully animated racist depictions of Cubans and Haitians. You are free-wheeling Tommy Vercetti, driving any car you can pop the lock on, taking hookers out to the lighthouse, enjoying all the pixilated pleasures the 80s can offer you.

Bunk is making the game that much better because we're putting somebody in the car with you. We're carjacking the game with a mod of our own. Choose from one of the many options.

This is only the beginning, the first in a series of monologues (or modologues) and performances we're testing out. Send us yours and we'll feature them on the page. Download too slow, send us a few bucks and you can get the entire CD!

(Modologue: Machinima-style dubbing that modifies game-play through an alternate narrative.)



Army Recruiter: (Voice: Joe Celio)

You drive a tough game. Are you ready to be an Grand Theft Army? Maybe our Army recruiter can convince you to put your skills to more patriotic uses. (Duration: 4:01)

Hear more of Joe Celio's vocal magic here!


Mama Vercetti
(Voice: Allie Fletcher)


The Big Man of Vice City gets to drive his Mama around. Time to make her proud. (Duration: 2:12)


Vice City Driver's Ed Instructor: (Voice: Alan Laser)


In Vice City, the road is a hostile environment. Learn how to drive all those fine cars you've jacked and get a break on your insurance. (Duration: 7:06)


Arnold Schwarzenegger (Book on 8-Track) (Voice: Mark Unpingco)

For those hoping to expand your mind as your rob, whore, and maim, here is an audio book. Arnold reads an excerpt from the novelization of Terminator. You might point out that the movie had not been made during the 80s, when Vice City occurs, but then you are forgetting that the Terminator can travel through time. (For "true believers," the book was published in the 80s.) So, here is the Governator... (Duration: 4:23)


Modologues by Mark C. Marino (marino at bunkmag dot com), "Schwarzenegger" comments by Mark Unpingco

Join the Thievery: SEND US YOUR Audio files as .WAVs or .MP3s.

How to Install:

  1. Download these files.
  2. Save them in the folder. Program Files\Rockstar Games\mp3
  3. Play GTA Vice City.
  4. Turn radio to MP3.
  5. Drive and Enjoy.
  6. (You may need to turn down the SFX slightly for better hearing.)

Don't have GTA for PC or XBOX? Just download them, burn a CD, and listen as you carjack through your actual neighborhood!

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