iStory Fiction:
Because you're tired of just reading audiobooks on your iPod.

Encrypted Lovers
the lowdown on downloading love.
By Mark C. Marino
(Warning/Enticement: Explicit Lyrics in Story)

Wheel around through this interactive tale of love and deception by uploading it to your iPod or reading it on your PC.

Using the last decade's iPod you can read last millenium's interactive story! iStories are more (and less) than Choose Your OWn Adventures because of their use of the robust NOTES section of your iPod, which has too long remained dormant on your white wonder.

To read:

To read the html version on your browser:
click here.

To read on your iPod:

Of course, reading books is just too damn easy. So now you must install software on your computer, download a file, and upload the file to your iPod. Now don't your paperbacks just look prehistoric and outdated by comparison?

1. Download the story, "Encrypted Lovers," here:

2. Upload to iPod using iStory Creator or iWriter by Mad Studios (formerly IPodSoft).

Download iStory Creator from Mad Studios or from Bunk
Windows users should also download Microsoft .Net

iWriter can be purchased ($12 or so) here:

Once you upload it to your iPod, the story will appear in the "notes" section.

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Forum about iStories here:

Note: You cannot read this story on an iPod Shuffle, no matter how hard you try.