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Mad Bunkers' Co-Conspirators

Those who helped develop this mashed double issue (or half issue, depending on how you look at it).

MAD HATTERS’ REVIEW and BUNK MAGAZINE staff assisting with the creation of the Mad Bunkers' Mash-up Issue

Karen Garthe's poetry has appeared in Lana Turner, New American Writing, Chicago Review, Denver Quarterly, VOLT, American Letters & Commentary, Colorado Review, etc. Her book "Frayed escort" won the 2005 Colorado Prize. She lives and works in New York City.

Keith Gustafson: Chief Bunk Technician and Support-master. Keith is an exceptional man. Just exceptional. This issue of Bunk marks the 3,494 pro bono coding project he has done for Bunk Magazine.

Liesl Jobson is the author of a collection of prose poems and flash fiction, 100 Papers (Botsotso, 2008), which received the 2006 Ernst van Heerden Creative Writing Award from Wits University and a volume of poetry, View from an Escalator (Botsotso, 2009). Her writing has appeared in journals, including Quick Fiction, The Southern Review, Mississippi Review, New Coin, Carapace, New Contrast, and Chimurenga, and anthologies: Touch, Aftershocks, White Ink, Open and Twist. She won the 2005 POWA Women's Writing Poetry Competition and in 2007 was awarded a Community Publishing Project grant from the National Library of South Africa for poetry. Jobson edits the South African domain of Poetry International and is deputy editor at the South African daily literary website, BOOK SA. She plays bassoon and contrabassoon occasionally.

Marc Lowe’s work has appeared in 580 Split, Big Bridge, BlazeVOX, Caketrain, elimae, Farrago’s Wainscot, Pindeldyboz, The Salt River Review, Sein und Werden, Storyglossia, and others. He is an associate editor of Mad Hatters’ Review and is currently pursuing an MFA in fiction writing at Brown University in Providence, RI, where he has been working on multiple book-length projects. Visit for more information.

Kuzhali Manickavel's collection “Insects Are Just like You and Me except Some of Them Have Wings” is available from Blaft Publications Pvt. Ltd. and can be found at Powell’s Books and Her work can also be found at Subtropics, Per Contra, anderbo, Quick Fiction, Caketrain, The Café Irreal, Annalemma, FRiGG and Eyeshot. She lives in a small temple town on the coast of South India.

Mark C. Marino, co-founder and editor-in-chief of Bunk Magazine, is the Director of Communications for the Electronic Literature Organizations. His works have appeared here and there. Currently he teaches writing at a University of Southern California, where he lives on the over-sized book shelves.

Matthew Maxwell: “I graduated from college too many lives ago, with three useless degrees, and work meaningless jobs that I detest. I am employed and employable merely because the people and companies I owe money expect restitution. I have more interests than time to master them and none of the money required to dress the part. At any social gathering, if you happen to see the sneering, mute wallflower, envious eyes openly mocking the privileged, that might be me. If you notice me, then I need to work harder on being invisible.”

Alla Michelle’s writing is both spontaneous and predictable. In her stories, someone usually 1) speaks Russian or Ukrainian, 2) eats borsch, pickled mushrooms or blini, 3) rides public transport, bribes somebody or sings obsolete, heart-warming songs. When not writing, she likes to philosophize about water stains that bloom every spring on her ceiling. Despite the above (or maybe because of it), she has been published in numerous fine e-zines, such as Muse Apprentice Guild, Skive Magazine, Salome, Long Story Short, and others.

Carol Novack is a former criminal defense and constitutional attorney, erstwhile Australian Council of the Arts writer’s award recipient, frequent collaborator, and the well, published Publisher/Ed-in-TopHat of the illustrious, illustrated, and melodic Mad Hatters’ Review. Her art-filled collection, “Giraffes in Hiding: The Mythical Memoirs of Carol Novack,” will emerge this year (Crossing Chaos). Carol’s most recent publications are a long poetic rant about the universe in “The &NOW Awards: The Best Innovative Writings,” initially in video form at Drunken Boat, and a poetical story in Caketrain. Additional impressive publication details and digressions may be accessed at,, and via your favorite search engine.