Various Mashes

By Martin Nakell & Rebecca Goodman


the root

civil stone rises

tangles prophetic





     amaryllis every where


     am. Where/ever/ever






meaning a-m.





Remnant of a cavity

hold feathers


Particles spit light





Bone of smoke

Pigment of bone

Yellow hollow

Head of man

Head of oil

Head of pigs

Skullbone meals lamp

honestly earned



It’s a good thing to move to France

The inner posture

change the orange

change the blue

Directions: Possibly



The absence of lemons

the absence of absinth

in a carafe

The language of paint

( )


Reject the one-eyed man.

But why?


Once you leave

There is no re-entry.

This is where

it begins.

Years of wheat.






begins and

reverses nothing

  I relinquish




What it means to move

Into another form without repetition




It had to separate from itself

Begin and





          unravel into cloth







in reprise










fluid earth art and terror




negombo 2

Bay of the moon

white butterfly

mineral rust

temple of the godless


fountain nest

the idea of water.

The relationship

between the eye and the navel.

Who walks out of the cave

into the cold.

A wall divides them

for the sake of clarity

When Ambience issues her warning

the body stimulates comfort

In the labyrinth

things become easier

the opposites draw closer

under the dome

vision inscribes concentric circles

light as breath




Quite or quietly. A pencil is a read. A palm is a pillow where hands go happily




You didn’t answer my question

Tiny birds feathered across my feet

A cat explodes

A back wall to the village breached by dynamite

Gaudi’s wall

          or Gaudi’s wall


The balloon-shaped cards

lift you into the air

as you grab them

as everyone does

The travel agency office

Hi-jacked, floats into the harbor

Round pellets

Root the Chinese doctor to the sea





The museum of kidneys

Looking down from below

Blue space aches

Yellow rises

There is no object of silence

There is no word for sky

We have to reach the girders

Practice the pose





The poem is gone.

It is strange to be out among people.


The poem is gone.

In the continuous present there is no coherence.


The poem is gone.

The repetition of that.



would you like something else



From where?


Images subtracted

one continuous meal



Rebecca Goodman is the author of the novel The Surface of Motion (Green Integer) and the composition textbook The Assignment: Why Am I Writing This Essay (Fountainhead Press).

Martin Nakell’s most recent books include Form (poetry: Spuyten Duyvil), Settlement (fiction: Spuyten Duyvil), and The Assignment: Why Am I Writing This Essay (Fountainhead Press). While he teaches creative writing at Chapman University, he believes, with Joseph Bueys, that "In places like universities, where everyone speaks so rationally, it is necessary for a kind of enchanter to appear."


Our method: Our minds are mashed; we don’t have a choice. We compose together, working off of, against, and with each other’s spontaneous language/image/rhythmical suggestions. We each know at the same moment when a piece reaches its end, and we look at each and laugh: “that’s it!”