Intersecting Parallels

By Amir Parsa & Carol Novack

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Bio:An internationally acclaimed writer and poet, Amir Parsa is the author of ten books, including Kobolierrot, Divan, Drive-by Cannibalism in the Baroque Tradition, Erre and the multilingual L’opéra minora. An uncategorizable body of work, Mr. Parsa’s literary oeuvre – written in English, French and Persian – has been read and debated in galleries and museums, in streets and on rooftops, in broad daylight and in hiding, and at various festivals, events and curated venues around the world. He currently lives in NY, where he directs creative education projects at MoMA and teaches at Pratt Institute.

Carol Novack is a former criminal defense and constitutional attorney, erstwhile Australian Council of the Arts writer’s award recipient, frequent collaborator, and the well, published Publisher/Ed-in-TopHat of the illustrious, illustrated, and melodic Mad Hatters’ Review. Her art-filled collection, “Giraffes in Hiding: The Mythical Memoirs of Carol Novack,” will emerge this year (Crossing Chaos). Carol’s most recent publications are a long poetic rant about the universe in “The &NOW Awards: The Best Innovative Writings,” initially in video form at Drunken Boat, and a poetical story in Caketrain. Additional impressive publication details and digressions may be accessed at,, and via your favorite search engine.

Sources: "Life's Journey" by Parsa, various works by Novack