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22 Short Films about Grammar by Mark C. Marino, voices by Mark C. Marino, Arthur J. Marino, III, and Joe Celio

Featured Film: Pirates of the Parallel Structure 3: Featuring Joe Celio and Mark Marino

Since School House Rock, there has a been a void in the world of sketch-based, short-length, animated grammar instruction. 22 Short Films about Grammar aims to change all that.

Using state-of-the-art video game technology (The Movies by Lionhead Studios), we have crafted a series of lessons sure to put your colon back into shape. Below is the current list of available films followed by the grammar lessons they teach.

[Click on the links to download either the small or large files, depending on exactly how much you want to master the nuances of grammar.]


22 Short Films about Grammar

  1. 22 Short Films about Grammar–prologue. They’re/Their, Use/Used, Relative Pronouns. (small) (large) (venti)
  2. Speech—part OF. Parts of Speech (small) (large) (venti)
  3. Spliceback Mountain. Comma Splices (small) (large) (venti)
  4. Fragmental Frances. Sentence Fragments (small) (large) (venti)
  5. Subordinating Sally . Subordination (small) (large) (venti)
    Subordinating Sally with commentary by Sean Connery (small) (large) (venti)
  6. Passive Pete Awakens. Passive/Active Voice (small) (large) (venti)
  7. Sopronouns. Pronoun Use (subjects vs. objects) (small) (large) (venti)
  8. Pittsburgh Punctuation. Punctuation marks (small) (large) (venti)
  9. Semi-Jack. Semicolon Abuse (small) (large) (venti)
  10. Contrafactual Coffin. Contrafactual Statements (small) (large) (venti)
  11. The Insider. Quotation Punctuation (small) (large) (venti)
  12. The Colons That Bind. Colon Use (small) (large) (venti)
  13. Dangling Zombifiers. Dangling Modifiers (small) (large) (venti)
  14. Pirates of the Parallel Structure. Parallel Structure, Pirate Speak. (small) (large) (venti)
  15. The Way We See the Semicolon. Semicolon Style (small) (large) (venti)
    The Way We See the Semicolon with commentary by Jack Nicholson (small) (large) (venti)
  16. The Way the Semicolon Sees Itself. Semicolon Style (small) (large) (venti)
  17. Hyphen-Hopping Henry. Hyphenated Adjectives (small)(large)(venti)
  18. Parenthetical Harvey. Parentheses, Dashes, Appositives, Asides.(small) (large) (venti)
  19. To Go Boldly. Split Infinitives.(small) (large) (venti)
  20. You Must Remember This--or These. Subject-Verb Agreement.(small) (large) (venti)
  21. Uh-Huh Interjections. Interjection punctuation.(small) (large) (venti)
  22. Fragmental Frances--Bootleg. Preposition Placement (NOT ending sentences) (small) (large) (venti)

And here is an honest-to-goodness Error Log (updated) to use with the Grammar Films. No Bunk.


More films coming soon!

Bonus Films:

Comma Avengers (The Danger Bees). Trippy Comma Use. (small) (large) (psychadelic)

The Way Semicolons See Two Sentences. Semicolon Style. (small) (large) (venti)



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