"Nothing good ever came from a sentence that began 'Here's my planů'"

"Remember, a wise man needs no guard, but a fool is beaten daily for the most minor of offenses."

"Give a man a fish and he's fed for a day; put a man in prison, and he's fed for life."

-- The Tao of Folsom
All news is bad news, thought Jenny. What good news was there to report? Her own life had been full of misunderstandings: A Stop N' Go clerk who didn't understand the meaning of "givemethefuckingmoney," a judge who had never heard of "mutually beneficial alternatives," and her cellmate, Margaret, who had heard of "pumice," forcing her nightly to exfoliate her feet.

Then Jenny read the newspaper headline: TEXAS EXECUTES WOMAN. "Go girl!" Jenny thought. Finally no more double standard!