Welcome to BunkMates! Tired of the bump-and-grind-and-wait-by-the- phone-until-3AM-and-cry-yourself- to-sleep routine of the dating scene? Sick of spending Saturdays home alone trying to catch a glimpse of the Profiler's thighs? Do you know there's a special someone out there for you, but you can't break out of your mind-numbing depression for long enough to do anything about it?

BunkMates can help.

Using our sophisticated AlgoRandom technology™, we can match you with your special someone - Your BunkMate. Before you know it, you'll be Bunking down with your mate, or if you're not so lucky, maybe taking their Rydalin-addled kids out for ice cream.
It's all up to you.
In order to match you to your perfect mate, we need you to fill out this brief survey. Or you can browse through the candidates who have already signed up, or chat with other lovelorn folks on line. For the adventurous, you can try your luck with a random match.

BunkMates: On the web, you can't feel the rejection.

Our AlgoRandom technology was developed by world-renowned sex and relationship therapist Dr. Sticky.

While spending months in Cuba, recieving his medial degree, Dr. Sticky developed a science of relationships.
He investigated dating services, singles-only bowling alleys, all-night orgies and church picnics, and came to one startling conclusion: the primary factor in the success of any relationship was luck.
People met each other by chance. Couples fell in love because of good fortune. Marriages succeeded due to random forces beyond anyone's control.
Armed with this new knowledge, Dr. Sticky developed BunkMates, the world's most sophisticated online dating system. Together with Bunk Magazine's programming staff, and Dr. Cadwallader, leading chaos theory expert, they produced a system capable of reproducing the random happenstance of the modern world.

Bunkmates: We can't guarantee you success. But c'mon, buddy. Just look at yourself.