PowerPoint Valentines


Nothing says "I Love You" more than Fly-On Effects in a PowerPoint slide show. No one knows your heart like the AutoContent Wizard of Love--

who, like a scorned lover of content wizardry has been kicked to the curb by Microsoft in Office 07 as if he had never made bullet points sparkle or graphed a passionate moment...not that he's bitter...nope...there's always other Offices...like Open Office...

[Click on the links to download the PowerPoints. Send them to your loved ones....]


Even if you haven't become Vistagmatic, you can still feel the love with:

Valentine's PowerPoints!


From the Master Himself

  1. "You're worth something to me" Bill Gates to Mrs. Gates by Janel Heal
  2. "It's Valentine's Day" Bill Gates to all the world by Ikea

Celebrity PowerPoints

  1. "You're Mmm Mmm Good" To My Most Darling Obese America from McDonalds by Trapeeze
  2. "To my dearest Angelina" from Brad by Sara Siskin
  3. "To My Bunnies" From Hef by the Apprentice
  4. "The First Day I laid my Eyes on You" From Red M&M to Green M&M
  5. To Ryan Seacrest from Himself by Floyd

Breakup Valentines

  1. "Happy VD" by Memphis
  2. "Valentine's Day not so Happy" by Mervyn
  3. "Break-up Valentine" by Widget

The Business of Love:

  1. "Be My Valentine?" a Compatability Study by Bing

And a Sweet Valentine

  1. "Memories to Cherish" by LIZE






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