Bunk Gene Trademarked Bunk Magazine scientist, Dr. Harvey Von Schnapple, discovers and registers gene.
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The latest gene to be tagged in the human genome gold rush:
  Buncular Kink
    Determines ability to:
  • Distinguish right from wrong
  • Use a turn signal
  • Calculate taxes

Dr. Harvey Von Schnapple explains the value of the BnK gene: "Without this gene, a human cannot make moral decisions; proper judgment is almost impossible. Take, for instance, scientific research. Without BnK, a person might consider it ethical to hoard scientific discoveries for only personal gain. Imagine what would have happened if the buggers who discovered gravity or that impotence pill or Windows had used their discoveries for personal gain."

Curiously, BnK only occurs in about .02% of humans. Dr. Von Schnapple, after cashing his discovery bonus, admitted that he is not one of them.

If you suspect that you or someone you know has BnK, please contact the Bunk's editors to set up a payment plan for continuing use of this gene. Charges are retroactive and will take into account all ancestors who also had BnK.

Bunk Magazine is planning to sell shares of the gene in an on-line auction later this month.

Bids should be directed to:

Bunk Philanthropic Fund
P.O. Box 49873373737
Hindenburg Bank
Aidlweiss Lane
Swatch, Switzerland