Homeland Insecurity Meter: The current measure of Gee Dub's anxiety over not getting re-elected based on campaign maneuvers and White House ploys.

Current Rating:

    Red Bull: Desperate Measures
  • Bush goes to the "barrio" to court black and latino voters.
  • Bush announces more missions have been accomplished.
  • Bush considers attacking a country with no oil-producing capacity.
    Veep Veep: Dick goes Ballistic
  • Cheney cusses up a storm
  • Bush offers tax cuts to upper upper middle class.
  • Bush takes a bus to Ohio.
  • Bush courts libertarians.
    Yeller: Scarification Tactics
  • Ridge announces "hidden threats" yet to be reported.
  • Limbaugh does Kerry impersonations in phone pranks.
  • Designation of nations as "Axel of Evil"
  • Photo ops with tanks and flags.
  • Bush courts war hawks.
    Blue-Haired Ladies: Seducing the Ladies of the AARP
  • Laura Bush knits.
  • Jenna Bush goes into rehab.
  • Bush offers to save your marriage.
  • Speeches target Bible Thumpin' Biddies
    Green Backs: Big Oil Greases the Machine
  • Frequent Ads feature Powell and Rice making out.
  • Hearty hand pumping of donors.
  • Bush BBQs on the ranch.
  • Proposed Tax Cuts to Enron.

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