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We found ourselves comparing notes with couples we had never met before (19)
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Ventriloquism 101:
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New Skill: Pulling her little self up on the coffee table and pulling everything onto the floor.

Sometimes when the happy stranger comes along to poke and prod JB, instead of talking to her, or to me for that matter, they talk for her. It goes a little something like this, usually delivered in a ooshe-gooshe-goo voice that's always a hit with the kids:

"Are you cute? Are you cute? Oh, yes you are cute."

JB raises her eyebrows. They begin to fill in her thoughts, a la the Bruce Willis classic art film on child development: "Look Who's Talking." Soon though their exchange degenerates into their own insecurities:

You're probably thinking, 'Who's that weird person talking to me. Why is she talking as though I'm speaking. Hasn't she ever heard of third person? Doesn't she think I can speak for myself?'"

These ventriloquism lines come in all varieties and serve many purposes for the speaker.

(I'd like to intervene to mention that Jenna only stares-with her Daddy-- at them in horror as they try to speak for her.)

JB is quite tolerant throughout, but just wait till she starts talking back.


Let's talk about sex.

Freud talks about a "primal moment," when we see our parents having sex and are scarred for life. I used to think this a highly unlikely incident, surely I could never have been in such a spot where I was in anywhere near the same room as my parents. Surly they only had sex 3 times, one for each child, if that. Surely.